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16:15   28 June
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Unforgettable Svaneti (3 days/ 2 nights)

Mountain Tour
Unforgettable Svaneti (3 days/ 2 nights)

Tbilisi - canyons Martvili - Zugdidi - Inguri - Latali - Mestia - Kala - Ushguli - Lamaria - Kutaisi - Tbilisi

What`s Included

A bottle of water
Good Mood
Overnight in guest houses

Day 1 - Tbilisi-Mestia

07:00 Departure from Tbilisi to the Western Georgia. We will make a trip from the East to the west on very picturesque road.

In Samegrelo's region we will visit a nature miracle – Martvili's canyons. These canyons are very beautiful, but are remote. They are to the North from the city of Martvili on the river Abashi. In the lower watercourse, at the very end of a canyon, there are imperial bathtubs in which the Mingrelian princes of Dadiani liked to luxuriate. Their summer residence has still remained near Martvili.

Further we will go to Zugdidi - the capital of the region of Samegrelo located in 30 km from the Black Sea coast. Here beautiful nature and picturesque landscape. A century ago the city was called Dadi, in honor of Dadiani's princes owning these lands. 

Then we will see the well-known Inguri hydroelectric power station, a dam, the second for height, in the territory of the former USSR. The Inguri has been put by hydroelectric power station into operation in 1978. Dam height — 272 m. Power of the power plant — 1300 MW. The dam is in Georgia, however a considerable part of a complex of hydroelectric power station is located in Abkhazia. The hydroelectric power station is operated both by Georgia, and Abkhazia. The Inguri hydroelectric power station is one of the highest dams in the world, than and delights visitors.

Svaneti (the region in the northwest of Georgia) - the place of mountain tops and gorges, glaciers and falls, mineral sources and majestic towers, surprisingly powerful on power. It is the homeland of the proud and freedom-loving people of svan. Svaneti shares the Svaneti ridge on Top Svaneti (Zemo-Svaneti) and Lower Svaneti (Kvemo Svaneti). The administrative center of Upper Svaneti is the settlement of Mestia (2.600 inhabitants), and the Lower Svaneti — the settlement of Lentekhi (1.800 inhabitants).

Mestia - the main regional center of the Top Svaneti located at the height of 1500 m above sea level at confluence of Mestiachal and Mulakhur. The city is extended in length at 6 km. In Mestia the airport of the Queen Tamar is constructed. In Mestia several sources with mineral water. One is directly in the center, three others - on the river bank of Malakhuri. Near the city popular tourist routes to Chalaadi's glacier and to the lakes Koruldi lie. And in 7 km from Mestia the new ski resort of Hatsvali is constructed. The Mestia is a convenient starting point for campaigns after the district and a starting point for the majority of trips across all Svaneti.

Settling to the guest house. Dinner. Night in Mestia.

Day 2 - Mestia - Ushguli

Breakfast. The first half of day we will devote Mestia. Visit of the Ethnographic museum of Svaneti. 

In Svaneti one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus – Ushba (4690 m), Shkhara (5068 m), are located by Tetnuldi (4858 m). Svan school of mountaineering has given many outstanding athletes. We will visit the Museum of Mountaineering (Mikhail Hergiani's house museum). The museum consists of several halls: ethnographic, hall of history of the Soviet mountaineering, hall of ascensions of Mikhail Hergiani, personal room of the climber and hall of memory of the athlete.

Lunch in the guest house.

Trip to the settlement of Kala. Here we will visit church of Saints Kvirike and Ivlita - one of the most significant cultural monuments to Svaneti. It is the biggest church in Svaneti located on the abrupt and rocky hill with a magnificent view on the mountain Ushba.

Then we will go to Ushguli - one of the most mountain settlements in Europe (2200 m above sea level). Here more than 30 Svan towers fortresses have remained. The towers fenced with a fence represent the estate with a difficult complex of constructions. Each tower has an entrance to the house which is fortress too. 

Placement in the guest house in Ushguli. Dinner. Night in Ushguli.

Day 3 - Ushguli - Tbilisi

Breakfast. At sunrise we will observe delightful sunrise over Mount Shkhara.

Then we will visit the well-known church of Lamariya (11th century) – church of the Assumption of the Saint Virgin – with impressive wall frescos. Locals believe that under this church the queen Tamar, being the central figure of history of svan is buried. 

Further we will go to a way back, to Tbilisi. On the way we will stop in Kutaisi, we will examine the well-known Bagrati Cathedral (the Temple of the Assumption of the Mother of God) built in the 10-11th centuries at the time of government of the Georgian tsar Bagrat III (975 - 1014) – the founder of a great family of princes Bagrationi. This majestic cathedral - one of the best examples of late medieval architecture - towers over Kutaisi, and him it is visible from any point of the city. In the 17th century the temple has been destroyed by Turks. He has staid three hundred years in dilapidated state and in August, 2012 has been restored.

Lunch in Kutaisi (it is paid in addition).

Return to Tbilisi.

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