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National Geographic spoke about the Geor...

National Geographic spoke about the Georgian feast
20 December 2019

National Geographic has published an article on Georgia's tourism potential under the headline "Five Things You Need to Know Before You Get Your First Georgian Feast."
At the invitation of the Georgian side, National Geographic journalist Tara Isabella Burton went on a trip to Georgia to tell readers about the traditions and dishes of Georgian cuisine. According to the journalist, the most outstanding dishes of Georgian cuisine are shashlik, khachapuri and khinkali. “While in Georgia, I was invited dozens of times to different tables not only by neighbors and friends, but also by absolutely strangers. I also visited the mountainous part of Georgia - Khevsureti.
When you find yourself at the Georgian table, you will taste many national dishes, but the most outstanding are shashlik, khachapuri and khinkali. Georgian cuisine consists of many other delicious dishes. The tradition of the Georgian feast stipulates that there must be a toastmaster at the table and no one will leave the feast unhappy, ”the journalist writes. The National Tourism Administration's marketing campaign on National Geographic will run until the end of December and include the EU and the US.
The company will publish five articles about Georgia. “Articles in National Geographic contribute to a significant increase in the recognition of our country and its positioning in target markets,” said the head of the National Tourism Administration Mariam Kvrivishvili.