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Interactive dinosaurs appear in Jurassic...

Interactive dinosaurs appear in Jurassic Park in Sataplia
14 September 2019

The Jurassic Park in the Sataplia Nature Reserve in Imereti has been completely renovated - new, modern interactive dummies of dinosaurs have been installed there. In addition, it is planned to update the cave lighting system and design new hiking trails. The cave has already installed an acoustic system and an observation deck with a glass floor. Funds were also allocated for the renovation of the hotel, which will soon be able to receive guests. A modern lighting system will also be installed in the Prometheus Cave, another popular tourist route in Imereti. 270 thousand visitors come to the caves of Sataplia and Prometheus annually.
The objects unite 19 natural monuments and occupy an area of ​​504.6 hectares. The Sataplia reserve is located 220 kilometers from Tbilisi and 7 kilometers from the city of Kutaisi. The name Sataplia is associated with wild bees: the word “tapli” in Georgian means “honey”, and “Sataplia” means “the place where there is honey”. Meanwhile, the reserve is not known at all for bees, but for the fact that dinosaurs lived in this place 50-60 million years ago, traces of which have been preserved on a limestone rock. Moreover, traces can be seen on two layers at once, which is a unique phenomenon.
In order to protect the slab with traces from external influences, a special pavilion was built over it in 2010. Another attraction of the Sataplia reserve is a cave with a modern lighting and acoustics system, as well as an observation deck with a glass floor, located high on the cliff.