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Khachapuri declared a monument of cultur...

Khachapuri declared a monument of cultural heritage in Georgia
05 February 2019

The tradition of khachapuri kiln is recognized as a monument of intangible cultural heritage of Georgia.

The corresponding decree was signed by Nikoloz Antidze, director general of the National Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, the official website of the agency reports.

It is emphasized that the assignment of the status of a cultural heritage monument to khachapuri can be viewed as a mechanism for its protection: “The popularization of khachapuri by Georgia is important for its recognition in the international arena as a Georgian product,” the National Agency states.

In 2010, the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia drafted a bill to protect the trade name "khachapuri". In September 2011, the Georgian authorities issued a patent for khachapuri and several other dishes of national cuisine.

Khachapuri is a Georgian national flour product stuffed with cheese and eggs.

There is no single recipe for making khachapuri: Ajarian, Megrelian, Imeretian, Gurian, Racha khachapuri are well known and so on. In particular, Ajarian khachapuri is baked in the shape of a boat and poured with an egg, Rachin and Imeretian - round, with a bean filling cooked with Racin bacon, Megrelian - also round, but covered with cheese (Suluguni) from above, Gurian khachapuri resemble cheburek.