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Georgia in the world safety ranking for ...

Georgia in the world safety ranking for tourists
19 November 2018

Georgia entered the list of countries with a low level of danger for tourists in 2019. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by experts in the field of health and safety International SOS.

The company has published the annual ranking of tourist security of countries this week. On the interactive map you can see not only the degree of safety of one direction or another, but also set specific parameters - for example, understand how things are going around in the region with medical insurance services, roads, and the risk of epidemics is great.

Countries are divided into five categories and colored in the appropriate color. Thus, countries with a high level of danger are colored red, with a very high one - dark brown. The countries with a medium level of danger are marked in orange, and low - in yellow. For safe countries, analysts chose green.
Georgia is marked in yellow - with a low level of danger. This means that in a country “the level of violent crimes is low, and racial, sectarian or political violence or civil unrest is rare, like terrorist acts”. In 2017, experts called Georgia a country with a medium level of danger. Thus, according to the authors, the situation in the country has improved over the year.

In terms of medical risks, Georgia, as in 2017, was called dangerous for tourists.
This category is described as follows: “Emergency assistance is available to all, but it is difficult to obtain specialized assistance. Access to quality medicines may be limited, and in some cases they may be stored in poor conditions or even be fake. ”

Traffic safety in Georgia, the creators of the map rated positively. In the category of "road safety" Georgia was awarded a rating of "low risk".