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"Emotions are Georgia "- a new marketing...

"Emotions are Georgia "- a new marketing step for tourists
02 August 2018

A new marketing campaign, “Emotions are Georgia,” begins to popularize the tourism potential, the National Tourism Administration of Georgia said.

In 2017, more than seven million foreigners visited the country. Due to the unique nature, cooking, Georgian wines, entertainment, resorts, operating for four seasons, tourists return from Georgia to their homeland with great impressions that they share in social networks.

“We are launching a new global marketing campaign based on the impressions of millions of tourists. They shared them with the world through various social networks. This creative and modern campaign will give us the opportunity to interest even more people in our country,” said George Chogovadze, the head of the tourism administration.

The new campaign "Emotions are Georgia" includes the following components: a web page, video, book, outdoor advertising.

The video consists of two parts. In the first part, with the help of selected publications, you can travel to different parts of Georgia, the video is voiced by the authors of the publications themselves. In the second part, a graphic element is added that describes the method by which these publications were assembled. As for the book, then it includes articles on topics: wine and gastronomy, nature and adventure, history and culture.

A new marketing campaign is fully built on the impressions and emotions of tourists who traveled in Georgia.