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About Georgia

About Georgia
About Georgia

Georgia - a country where you feel like home.  Here is cozy, sunny, joyful, easy, beautiful and incredibly soulful ! Georgia - a country with an ancient history and unique culture, kind and helpful people a country of colors, songs and dances, country of churches, myths, mountains, warm sea, caressing sun and blue sky. Only here you will be treated as a good old friend only here you will enjoy these incredibly delicious local dishes that are made with love.

Georgia - a country without exaggeration unique and inimitable. This sunny corner of Transcaucasia took only 118 th in the world in terms of area but how much it is interesting in itself holds! This amazing landscapes and unique archaeological sites historical heritage and grandeur. An original architecture of old Tbilisi, Kakheti vineyards, ancient stone towers of Svaneti, seaside Batumi with its nightlife and more - here every tourist can satisfy his needs to find something special for yourself.  In Georgia the rest is good at any time of the year.  Winter is definitely to go to the ski resorts Bakuriani and Gadauri, summer - a luxury Black Sea resort of Batumi comes alive for visitors. And of course all the year round doors of hotels of city of Borjomi are open for persons interested to get healthier and receive medical treatment.

Talk about the magnificence of Georgia can be infinite and know this country for one trip will not work unless the meet. But familiarity it will leave a trace in the heart of incredible beauty that will beckon you to return again and again. We can only plan with a dozen trips each time discovering new facets of this ancient and mental edge.

Language: The only official language in Georgia is Georgian.  To communicate with foreigners adopted English.  The majority of the population understands Russian.

Currency: Georgian lari (GEL), in 1 GEL 100 tetri.

Climate: Despite the fact that the territory of Georgia is relatively small its climate is extremely diverse.  Conventionally Georgia can be divided into three weather zones - this is West Georgia with a mild climate warm winters and hot humid summers.  Eastern Georgia is known for its cold winters and dry summers.  Between these parts of the country is central Georgia where the winter is not as cold as for example in the eastern part and in the summer is not as hot as in the west.

The largest cities : Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Zugdidi, Gori, Poti, Khashuri, Samtredia.